Core Specialist Training (CSTEM)

How to apply

All applicants for the CSTEM programme at RCSI must:

Applications have now closed for the Core Specialist Training Programme in Emergency Medicine 2021 intakes.

The interviews will take place on an assigned date or dates and specified time/times for each candidate.  The interview may take place in a specified location or embassy locations for all stakeholders.  The interview may take the form of a face to face or a virtualised situation.  The interview may be subject to change due to situational and or advisories from public health officials and ISPTC /RCSI.

A step-by-step guide on how to apply is available below.

Online guidance video

For further information on CSTEM, please contact us at cstem@rcsi.ie or +353 1 402 2240.

We also recommend you visit our portal EMNow for access to policies, procedures and guidelines relating to training and trainee support.