Core Surgical Training (CST)

Training pathway

The first year (ST1) is a generic year undertaken by all surgical trainees – it includes rotations through general surgery and another surgical specialty.

At the start of the programme, you must attend an induction day at the National Surgical and Clinical Skills Centre at RCSI's 26 York Street to prepare you for commencing the training programme. You will also participate in a week-long Surgical Bootcamp where you will receive intensive tuition in basic surgical skills and basic management principles for surgical patients.

The specialty selection process also takes place in ST1.

In your second year (ST2), you will begin basic training in your chosen specialty. This may consist of a 12-month post in the specialty or two six-month rotations – one of which will be in your chosen specialty.

Progression from ST2 to ST3 (Specialist Training) is a competitive process and is based on clearly defined performance metrics during CST and an ST3 specialty selection interview.