Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

The RCSI Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery is dedicated to the delivery of all aspects of otolaryngology care, divided into general otolaryngology; rhinology; anterior skull base and paranasal sinus disease; lateral skull base; laryngology; paediatric otolaryngology; and head and neck surgical oncology.

Through clinical experience, research, and didactic lectures, we strive to increase knowledge of otolaryngologic disorders and their treatments for Undergraduate students and Postgraduate surgeons at all levels of training.

In Beaumont Hospital, within our outpatient clinic and operating theatre, we review and treat over 16,500 patients a year. We also have a separate National Cochlear Implant Department, which is one of the largest in Ireland and the UK.

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The department is the national leaders in postgraduate otolaryngology education, organising weekly national teaching lectures for our trainees, grand round video conferencing, and ENT surgical skills courses running all-year round.

We also teach 300-350 RCSI Undergraduate Medical students annually as part of their Senior Cycle 1 rotation in medicine and surgery, ophthalmology and ENT at Beaumont Hospital.

The rotation aims to introduce students to the scope of the specialty, outlining the diversity of disease processes which present over a wide age range in the anatomical areas of the ears, nose, skull base, paranasal sinuses, upper aero-digestive tract, tract, salivary and endocrine glands.

Particular emphasis is placed on the frequency with which these disease processes present to the general practitioner and on the importance of the integration of various disciplines such as otolaryngology, general practice and paediatrics.

The department’s research focus is primarily on the human papillomavirus (type 16) and its role it in the development of oropharyngeal cancer of the base of tongue and tonsil; and post-transplant malignancy in solid organ transplant recipients in Ireland. The latter is the focus of the Irish Transplant Cancer Group.

Results from both areas have significant national policy implications for surveillance, possible screening and early oncological intervention. The Irish Transplant Cancer Group is actively generating papers on this topic.

Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

  • Head and Neck Surgical Oncology: Prof. James Paul O’Neill
  • Head and Neck and Facial Plastic Surgery: Mr Neville Shine
  • Lateral Skull Base Surgery: Prof. Rory Mc Conn Walsh
  • Head and Neck Surgery: Dr Anél Naudé
  • Head and Neck Surgery: Mr Sherif Mamdouh Elaarag
  • Paediatrics and Facial Plastic Surgery: Mr Robert Gaffney
  • Paediatrics, Rhinology and Anterior Skull Base Surgery: Mr Peter Lacy

Cochlear Implantation

  • Mr Peter Walsh
  • Mr Fergal Glynn
  • Prof. Laura Viani

Department Lecturer

  • Prof. Michael Walsh