Colles Travelling Fellowship in Surgery

The RCSI Colles Travelling Fellowship in Surgery is an award to promote the acquisition of additional surgical skills and knowledge that will contribute to the advancement of surgical science and practice in Ireland.

The Fellowship is open to Fellows and Members of the College (in good standing) who are in, or have completed within the previous two years, a higher surgical training programme in Ireland.

The Fellowship, which must be full-time, is tenable for one year abroad and includes a College Medal, stipend and travel allowance up to a maximum amount of €20,000. Additional travelling grants up to a maximum of €30,000 may also be awarded to either the awardee and/or other worthy candidates.

Applications will be considered from the following:

  • Surgical trainees who, at the date of application, are at an advanced stage of surgical training in the RCSI, and are Members or Fellows of the RCSI and in good standing.
  • Fellows or Members of the RCSI in good standing who have completed surgical training in the RCSI within two years from the date of application.

Candidates are encouraged to plan as far in advance as possible as retrospective applications may be disqualified. The Selection Board favours applicants who have already received academic distinction in their postgraduate education and applications which demonstrate that the applicant is using their initiative to obtain experience above and beyond that which they would likely derive from clinical experience in Ireland.

The applicants must have clear and specific objectives for the proposed visit. The Board does not favour applications for travel grants from those wishing to attend conferences or scientific meetings.

Among the criteria the Board will consider in making its recommendations, will be the:

  • merits of the proposed centre in relation to the candidate’s learning objectives;
  • candidate’s curriculum vitae; and
  • likely value to the Irish health service from the proposed overseas visit.
Colles Travelling Fellowship in Surgery 2023/24 - criteria PDF | 225.9 KB

Applications for 2023 are currently closed.

We will reopen for applications in 2024.

The successful candidate/s will be expected to:

  • Provide the College with a full report on completion of the Fellowship
  • Present a report of the Fellowship at a College Meeting
  • Acknowledge the support of the College in any publication arising as a result of the Fellowship
  • Supply the College with copies of the above papers at the time of publication

The following were successful in receiving this award in previous years.

Year Recipient/s
  • Jessie A. Elliott (RCSI Colles Travelling Fellowship in Surgery)
  • Thomas Aherne, Andrew Jerome Hughes, Brenda Murphy, Paul Sexton, Ciaran McDonald, Evelyn Murphy, Matthew Lee (Surgical Travel Grants)
  • Connor Green (RCSI Colles Travelling Fellowship in Surgery)
  • Zahraa Al-Hilli (joint RCSI/ACS Exchange programme)
  • Brian Devitt (RCSI Surgical Travelling Fellowship)
  • Claragh Healy (joint RCSI/Gussie Mehigan Scholarship Travel Grant)
  • Tom Gallagher (Joint RCSI/ACS Exchange programme)
  • Anne O'Neill and Brian Barry (joint recipients of the RCSI Surgical Travelling Fellowship)
  • Rustom Manecksha, Eimear Phelan, Myles Smith (RCSI Travel Grants)
  • Emer Lang (RCSI Surgical Travelling Fellowship)
  • Rowan Casey, Gavin O'Brien, James O'Riordan (RCSI Travel Grants)
  • Jonathan McGuinness (RCSI Surgical Travelling Fellowship)
  • Emmet Andrews and David Beddy (RCSI Travel Grants)

RCSI Surgical Travelling Fellowship/RCSI Colles Travelling Fellowship in Surgery awardees, 1985-2018.