IITOS Travelling Fellowship

The Irish Institute of Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery (IITOS) has made available a Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery Travelling Fellowship Fund to support the future development of the specialty in Ireland through the support of Fellowships for suitably qualified candidates.

Fellowship awards will fund graduates from the Higher Specialist Training programme in trauma and orthopaedic surgery to attend, for research or training purposes, an international centre of excellence in any aspect of trauma and orthopaedic Surgery. The Fellowship programme will be adjudicated jointly by RCSI and IITOS.


The awards are made by a joint RCSI and IITOS panel based on the following criteria:

  • The training and academic record of the applicant
  • The reputation of the host institution
  • The value to the development of trauma and orthopaedic surgery in Ireland

RCSI/IITOS reserve the right to not award fellowships in any given year depending on the assessed standard of the applications.


The Fellowship is open to Fellows and Members of RCSI (in good standing) who are in their final year of the Higher Specialist Training programme in trauma and orthopaedic surgery.

Those who have already received an IITOS Travelling Fellowship are not eligible to apply.

Applicants employed by RCSI and/or IITOS are excluded.

Applications are currently closed. Information on the next intake of the Fellowship will be available in due course.

The successful candidate/s will be expected to:

  • Provide RCSI with a full report on completion of the Fellowship
  • Present a report of the Fellowship at the following Annual IITOS meeting
  • Acknowledge the support of the IITOS and RCSI in any publication arising as a result of the Fellowship.
  • Supply the College with copies of the above papers at the time of publication
  • Return to public practice in Ireland after completing the Fellowship.

Please note: Personal tax compliance regarding the award will be the responsibility of the recipient.

The following were successful in receiving this award in previous years.

Year Recipient/s
2022 David Dalton, Eamonn Coveney, Iain Feeley, Patrick Carroll, Peter Staunton, Rebecca Lyons, Robert Hurley
2021 Andrew Hughes, Ciara Fox, Eoghan Pomeroy, Gerard Sheirdan, James Broderick, John Gibbons, Matthew Nagle, Mike O'Sullivan, Olan Carmody, Paula McQuail, Peter Dawson, Robert Piggot
2020 Tristan Cassidy, Yahya Elhassan, Niall McGoldrick, Shane O’Neill
2019 Ali Abdulkarim, Adrian Casser Gheiti, Grainne Colgan, James Hepburn, Sam Lynch, Rajiv Merchant
2018 Oisin Breathnach, Sven O hEireamhoin, Cian Kennedy
2017 Neil Burke, John Galbraith, Patrick Groake, John Kelly, David O’Briain, Padhraig O’Loughlan
2016 Derek Cawley, Paul Magill, David Morrissey, David O’Briain, Fiachra Rowan