Millin Lecture

Recognising excellence in original research in surgery, the 47th Millin Lecture will take place in RCSI on Friday, 8 November 2024.

The opportunity to deliver this prestigious lecture is open to all the surgical specialties. The opportunity is open to candidates who are either Members or Fellows of the College, in good standing, for the lectureship. Usually, the successful applicant will be well-advanced in his/her surgical training or in their first five years in consultant practice.

Preference will be given to candidates whose surgical research has been carried out wholly or in part in Ireland. The chosen theme shall be of clinical interest embodying original research, comprising a substantial body of work and be suitable for presentation as a formal lecture. The Lecturer will receive the Millin Medal.

Applications for 2024 are now open.

Candidates are requested to submit their application as follows:

  1. Please submit one copy of the following electronically:
    a) Completed application form together with the completed signature sheet.
    b) Summary of the work which the candidate proposes to submit.
    c) Curriculum vitae including a full list of authors of publications claimed jointly by the candidate.
  2. Signature form must be signed by two Fellows of the College, in good standing.
  3. Completed application forms (a) and supporting documents (b) and (c) should be submitted to the Office of the Managing Director of Surgical Affairs (for the attention of Ms Samantha Henson). Email:

Applications must be received before 5pm on 31 August 2024.

Millin Lecture Criteria 2024 PDF | 232.8 KB Millin Lecture Application Form 2024 PDF | 436 KB Millin Lecture Signature Form 2024 PDF | 420.2 KB
Number Year Winner Lecture title
46 2023 Michael Kelly Marginal Gain Theory and the Power of Collaborative Research in Advanced Colorectal Cancer
45 2022 Shirley Potter
Melanoma – An Unlikely Poster Child for Personalised Cancer Treatment
44 2021 Joseph Butler The Evolution of Spine Surgery: A Paradigm Shift to Precision Medicine
43 2020 Colin Peirce Evidence-based research of surgical technology and technique leading to change in practice and healthcare delivery
42 2019 Orla McCormack Oesophagogastric cancer surgery: no longer a death sentence with advances in patient assessment, prehabilitation, minimally invasive approaches and enhanced recovery
41 2018 Padhraig F. O’Loughlin Computer-assisted and Robotic Technology in Orthopaedic Surgery
40 2017 Helen Heneghan Metabolic Surgery and Diabetes: A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure
39 2016 Niall Davis The evolution of urological surgery in the era of tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and technological innovation
38 2015 Aoife Lowery The Evolving Role of the Surgical Oncologist in the Biomolecular Era
37 2014 James Paul O’Neill The evolving treatment paradigm of thyroid cancer
36 2013 John Burke From cell signalling to individualised patient care: lessons learned in the study of Crohn’s disease
35 2012 Calvin Coffey Surgical Anatomy and Anatomic Surgery
34 2011 Fraser Smith Rectal conserving surgery in the era of radiochemotherapy
33 2010 David G. Healy Successful Surgery, A Selection of Scalpels, Sutures and Susceptive Cells
32 2009 Ronan Cahill Tailoring Innovation for Surgical Cure
31 2008 Conor Shields Abnormal saline: interaction between intravenous fluids and morbidity
30 2007 Malcolm Kell Surgical Wilderness to Clinical Utility
29 2006 Kevin J. Mulhall Moving with the times: Arthroplasty, Mobility and Joint Preservation in the 21st Century
28 2005 Deborah McNamara Outcomes following colorectal surgery: future challenges
27 2004 Fergal Fleming Regulation of the Estrogen Receptor - an Insight into the Mechanism of Action of Tamoxiffin
26 2003 Desmond Winter Ions, Not Bygones: Perspectives on Cellular Physiology in Gastrointestinal Surgery