Chinwe Nwebube

My time at RCSI is something that I will always cherish. Although it came with some challenges, like learning through COVID-19 and adapting to such new and difficult subject matter, I leave RCSI more capable, confident, and excited to step into the career I envision for myself. I met so many incredible people while at RCSI and created so many memories that will last me a lifetime. 

The thing I’ve enjoyed most about studying Medicine at RCSI is taking part in clinical placement in my third year. I loved the opportunity to learn on my feet while in the hospital while in the hospital or various clinics. More specifically I really value the experience in rotating through different specialties like OB/GYN, paediatrics and psychiatry.

Although I want to pursue a career in family medicine, I really enjoyed the challenge of being fully integrated in new specialties that required me to explore wide-ranging and new material.

Chinewe Nwebube

I had the opportunity to work in two different family medicine clinics in Canada in the summer following my third year. I also completed a four-week sub-internship at Mullingar Regional Hospital. In addition to this, there was plenty of placement experience within the RCSI curriculum as we rotated through various hospitals and specialties (i.e. OB/GYN, paediatrics, GP, surgery, internal medicine, psychiatry) in our final two years of medical school.

I found the transition to studying in Ireland and at RCSI very easy. Everyone I interacted with, inside and outside of school, was so friendly and welcoming that it made it very easy to feel at home even though I was in a new country.

I’ve enjoyed participating in various societies in RCSI. I’ve been a part of the GourmetSoc, RCSI Book club, participated in EmergencySoc events and was a part of RCSI’s women’s soccer team. These experiences allowed me to meet so many different students from various programmes and years. It has also been a great way to decompress after long days of lecture or placement.

Chinewe Nwebube

The biggest highlight of my time at RCSI is the incredible friends I’ve met while here. My experiences were made memorable because I was able to share them with this group that has now become like family to me. From the quick travel adventures to bakery/bread runs, to evening games and movie nights.

They are one of the main reasons I can look back at my time at RCSI with such fondness and joy!

My ambition upon graduation is to pursue residency in family medicine with the goal of incorporating principles of lifestyle medicine into my future practice.

Chinewe Nwebube

Chinwe Nwebube, Graduate Entry Medicine