Minatoullah Habaka

I completed an 8-week research placement at St Michael’s Hospice in Toronto. I worked with Dr Vitor Pereira, a neurosurgeon, in the RADIS Lab which is focused on studying innovative techniques and their application for the treatment of vascular neurosurgery.

Mina Habaka

I led a quality improvement project understanding the patient perspective in the neurovascular clinic at the hospital. The objective of my project was to assess patient satisfaction and experience to improve the quality of care.

My daily roles included developing and administering a satisfaction questionnaire, completing patient phone interviews, and analysing results. In addition to my own work, I also had the opportunity to watch endovascular procedures, practice treating strokes on a simulator, and participate in other students’ projects testing the use of augmented reality for the planning of aneurysm treatment.

Mina Habaka

My time spent with the RADIS Lab this summer was very engaging and taught me a lot about the field of neurosurgery and neuroradiology. I’m grateful for my supervisors as they valued all the summer students’ contributions and never hesitated to take the time to teach us.

Minatoullah Habaka, Medicine