Ingrid Radu

I have had a positive experience here at RCSI so far. Although it has been tough adjusting to the realisation of just how much dedication and hard work it takes to do well here, there are so many support systems in place to help you.

I’ve enjoyed the Microbiology module the most. The labs where we work with different bacteria and observe them are just fascinating and really help to further explain the content that is taught in the lectures.

I’ve also enjoyed the Data Analytic module, I never thought I’d enjoy learning how to code, the concept just seemed so boring and difficult before I started doing it myself. I love how I was given independence within the workshops to understand the language, the software and analyse the data myself.

ATT Student

Our academic placements begin with an eight-month work placement in third year and then a three-month research project at the end of our final year.

There are many different clubs and societies available at RCSI – there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. There are organised events dedicated for each cohort, but also the entire college, this gives you the opportunity to talk to others outside your course.

I find that there isn’t really a time where I don’t socialise in college, even lab classes eventually turn into a social event. I’ve gotten to know so many new people from across the world which is an opportunity I didn’t get in previous years. It’s nice to be surrounded by people who have the same interests as me.

After graduation I would like to get a masters in either bioinformatics or immunology and, eventually, move on to get a PhD.

Ingrid Radu, Advanced Therapeutic Technologies