Ms Asal Kazerooni

Science and Learning Skills Tutor

Centre for Student Success (CSS), Department of Health and Wellbeing

Area of Expertise

Academic and learning support for entry level students (MCP, FY, N1, JC1); individual and group tutoring session; interested in research and development


  • MSc. Biotechnology, Aston University, 2009
  • Postgraduate diploma, Biotechnology, University of Melbroune, 2007
  • HBsc. Biology specialist, University of Toronto, 2005
  • Previous student research involved (not published):
  • Effect of IGF-I and glargine on RACK-1 expression in human MCF-7 breast cancer cells
  • The Identification of Mutation in PimE of Mycobacterium Smegmatis Class III Variants
  • Mini-review of MLTS in the Characterization of Bacterial Pathogens and its Application to the Public Health Sector

Current areas of activity

  • Involved in PAL (Peer-assisted-learning) programmes for FY and JC2.
  • Involved in PLS (Peer-led-session) tutorials for all years.
  • Developing support curriculum for N1 students based on a series of 4-5 sessions each semester.
  • Delivering FY support tutorials in biology and chemistry related modules.