Professor Michael Keogh

Associate Professor in Human Biology & Director of Research Laboratories

Area of Expertise

  • Lead Investigator and chair of the Regenerative Medicine laboratory and TERG-Bahrain (tissue engineering research group).
    • Interests in Adipose stem cells, diabetes, aging, neuropathy and tissue engineered constructs.
    • Gene activated biomaterials for soft tissue wound healing: using angiogenic and neurogenic gene activated scaffolds and adipose stem cell constructs
    • PDT and metastatic inhibition in Breast/prostate cancer
  • Principal investigator on water and health. Solar disinfection and community interventions.


  • PhD Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine, RCSI, Ireland (2010)
  • MSc. Occupational Health, NUIG, Ireland (2003)
  • BSc. Biotechnology NUIM, Ireland (2002)

Current areas of activity

  • Senior Lecturer in Human Biology
  • Manager of the RCSI research laboratories
  • RSS supervisor (research summer school).


  • Think Pink Breast cancer society Bahrain
  • AMBER (Advanced Materials & BioEngineering Research)
  • 3U Partnership
  • European Commission SFERA (Solar Facilities for the European Research Area), Spain
  • University of Limerick, Ireland
  • Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain
  • Al-Jawahara Centre, Bahrain.


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