Dr Rabab Al Mouqahwi

Arabic Language Programmes Coordinator & English Language Lecturer

Area of expertise

Higher education, Medical Education, Professional Education, Teaching and learning, General & Medical translation and interpretation, Linguistics, Arabic & English literature, Management, Human resources management, Training and professional development, In-Service Professional Training, Coaching and mentoring, Curriculum development, Teaching languages to non- native speakers, Teaching Arabic for special purposes, Learning & Technology- Blended learning, Research Methods, Languages & Culture and Creativity & innovation- Gifts &Talents, Scouting & Voluntary Work


  • BA in English and Arabic Literature &Translation (English-Arabic & Arabic- English), 2002, Bahrain University- The College of Arts
  • Higher Diploma in Education & Teaching Specialization, 2003, Bahrain University, College of Education
  • A Degree in English Language Teaching (ELT), 2009, Canterbury Christ Church University-UK
  • An Executive Diploma in Human Resources Management, 2010, The Open University of Malaysia
  • A master’s degree in business administration-Specialized in Human Resources Management, 2011, The Open University of Malaysia
  • A Degree in Teaching & Technology, 2014, Dublin City University (DCU)
  • A Doctorate Degree in Higher Education, Specialized in Professional Education & Curriculum Development, 2020, The University of Liverpool, UK.

Awards and Honor

  • 2006, won the Full bright (FLTA) Award (FLTA -the teaching assistant programme offered by the U.S. Embassy) to work as an Arabic language and culture lecturer in A prestigious college (Wellesley College of Arts in Boston in the U.S.A.).
  • 2007, won an award to do A Degree in English Language Teaching as a Foreign & a Second Language (ELT), Canterbury Christ Church University-UK
  • 2006, received an award for acting as a BAHMUN School coordinator and a coach to train both private & government students in Bahrain for BAHMUN conference for four years, Rotary Club of Adliya & the Ministry of Education
  • 2008, An Award “A Certificate in “Teaching English as a second & foreign language through the use of new technology” and received a certificate of achievement (A Level) from the I-Earn educational website & organization through the Ministry of Education, USA
  • 2019, I was awarded by the International Arabic Language Union and both my doctorate study and application were selected among a number of international postgraduate students from different parts of the world to participate in the 8th International Arabic Language Conference.
  • 2020, I gained a fellowship in the International Encyclopedia for Professionals and Researchers in Arabic Language which is related to the International Arabic Language Union. My name and profile are documented in the online encyclopedia.
  • 2020, I was nominated for the elections for the Board of Directors of the International Federation of the Arab Language by the International Arabic Language Council, Beirut (Lebanon) & Dubai (UAE).

Professional Affiliations

  • International Arabic Language Federation
  • International Arabic Language Council
  • The International Union of Arab Translators and Interpretations
  • Arab Translators Union

Current areas of activity

  • Coordinate all Arabic Language Programmes
  • Supervise International Citizenship Award (ICA) Students of RCSI-Bahrain.
  • Foundation Year (FY) Personal Tutor
  • Mentor FY students in research elective professionalism course.
  • Train and teach (IC3-SC2) students in a voluntary interactive Arabic language course for clinical and healthcare purposes.
  • Lead the research pillar in my Language and Culture Unit (LCU).
  • Assist both staff and students of RCSI- Bahrain in translation and proofreading.
  • Provide academic lectures for the British School G9-12 students as part of the education-enrichment programme in collaboration with the Community Engagement Department of RCSI-Bahrain.
  • Lead a medical translation training workshop designed for healthcare providers from different hospitals and health centres.
  • Working on a collaborative learning technology project -3D Immersive Medical Language

Previous research

  • Undergraduate Level: Gifted Children Research Project. At a BA. Level, University of Bahrain (2002).
  • Master Level: The Need for an In-Service Staff Professional Development Training Center in RCSI- Bahrain (2011), Open University of Malaysia.
  • An Initiative for teaching Arabic Language for special professional and academic purposes for non-Arabic speakers- An Example of Implemented Initiative: Teaching Arabic Language for Medical and Health Care Purposes to non- Arabic speaking medical and nursing students. A Research Paper in Arabic presented in the 6th International Arabic Language in Dubai, UAE in April 2017.
  • Collaborative Research: Assessing the quality of life in Bahrain adults with and without type 2 Diabetes mellitus using the SF-36 tool.
  • Collaborative Research: Determining the amount of physical activity done by adults and without type 2 Diabetes mellitus using physical activity trackers.
  • Doctorate Level:
      Title: The impact of language communication barriers on non-Arab medical practitioners’ healthcare delivery and ways of addressing miscommunication issues: An exploratory-phenomenological study of Bahrain (My Doctorate thesis title 2019- 2020 University of Liverpool).

Current research

  • Submitted an abstract to the Fifth International Conference on Non-Professional Interpreting and Translation in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (June 24-June 26, 2021) and got my abstract and research paper has successfully been accepted to participate in the coming conference in June 2021.
  • Investigating the role of the Arab/Bahraini Patient Care Assistants (PCA) in assisting in doctor- patient communication & medical interpretation & finding ways to empower their professional performance.
  • The Impact of Language Communication Barrier on non- Arabic speaking nurses when communicating with Arab patients, their challenges, consequences, coping strategies & suggested solutions.
  • How medical practitioners should deal with a patient as a total human (Physically, Mentally, Psychologically, Spiritually).
  • How non-Arab medical practitioners deal with inter-cultural challenges in an Arab clinical context- Example: When breaking bad news to Arab patients/patients’ next of kin.
  • Combining language communication and culture training in the new induction/ orientation programme designed for the new hired non-Arabic speaking medical practitioners coming to work in Bahrain.
  • Empowering medical practitioners to act as professional medical interpreters.
  • Language Communication Challenges face non-Arab medical students in their clinical practice (investigating challenges, consequences & coming up with practical solutions).
  • Medical Arabic language and communication needs for Arab medical/ nursing students with low Arabic language level.


  • My Published Research Paper for the 8th International Arabic Language Conference Under the Patronage of His Highness Shaikh Mohammed Bin Rashid AL Maktoom.
  • Alghasis et.al., 2018. Assessing the quality of life in Bahrain adults with and without type 2 Diabetes mellitus using the SF-36 tool.
  • Wasif et.al., 2018. Determining the amount of physical activity done by adults and without type 2 Diabetes mellitus using physical activity trackers.
  • Issued two Arabic Language Communication Textbooks for the internal teaching and learning use of RCSI-Bahrain.