Ethicon Foundation Travel Grants

The Ethicon Foundation Fund was established in RCSI through the generosity of Ethicon for the purpose of promoting international goodwill in surgery, by providing financial assistance to Fellows and Members of RCSI (in good standing) enabling them to travel overseas to visit centres of excellence for clinical training purposes.

Ranging in value from a minimum of €1,000 each (higher amounts at the discretion of the selection board), grants are available to trainees at an advanced stage of higher surgical training, or who have completed surgical training in the RCSI within the previous two years.


Among the criteria which the Selection Board will consider in making recommendations will be:

  • Academic and training record of the applicant
  • Reputation of host institution
  • Value of learning experience to Irish surgical practice


Applications will be considered from the following candidates:

  • Surgical trainees who, at the date of application, are at an advanced stage of surgical training in the island of Ireland and are Members or Fellows of the RCSI in good standing
  • Fellows or Members of RCSI, in good standing, who have been awarded their CCST in the island of Ireland within the previous two years
  • Individuals who have not previously received an RCSI Colles Travelling Fellowship in Surgery

Applicants are encouraged to plan as far in advance as possible as retrospective applications may be disqualified.

Ethicon Grants Criteria PDF | 193.3 KB

Applications are currently closed.

Information on the next intake will be available in due course.

The award provides a contribution towards the cost of travel for the applicant only. Successful will be asked to submit a report on return from their visit – the College reserves the right to publish this report.

The report should outline the following:

  • Background to the country/area with some relevant health statistics
  • Challenges brought about by the above
  • Images/photographs
  • Conditions (especially contrasts with neighbouring facilities, where they exist)
  • Personal reflections on the work and its impact on you and patients, the highs and lows
  • Support of those around you
  • If, and how, it challenged/stretched you, both professionally and personally

Any subsequent publication based on work undertaken during the applicant’s overseas visit should acknowledge the Ethicon Foundation Travel Grant and RCSI. 

Failure to submit a report and expenses within three months of the completion of travel will result in withdrawal of the award.

Applicants must inform the University of any change in their circumstances, which will prevent them from completing their overseas visit.

The University may, on the advice of the Ethicon Foundation Fund Advisory Board, withdraw all or a proportion of the initial grant.

Applicants will have 18 months (maximum) from the date of the award, to participate in the nominated travel. Failure to do so will result in withdrawal not only of the financial reward but also the actual award from the applicant’s CV. Successful recipients must submit documented and receipted travel expenses.